Thursday, February 09, 2012


            It’s been like more than two years since I last blogged and as I mentioned, I’ve met a girl, decided to pursue her and thinking of settling down with her…… That was back then. Now, I’ve settled down with her and we’re expecting our first child. Anyway, a long time ago I thought I could go back to blogging right after settling down but as I happily learned that is not the case. Somehow in between family and work and books (and the occasional computer games and internet surfing), blogging don’t seemed to “squeeze in” and for a while, I did quit blogging until today when I opened my mail and found out that somebody read my old posts and actually liked it. It is quite encouraging that somebody actually liked what I wrote and it made me realized that I missed blogging. When I started out blogging, I intend to share my thoughts however absurd it maybe with the whole wide world. Overtime, blogging has become my refuge of sort from the solitude of life. I write not just to share but also to connect somehow. Anyway, that somehow is no longer the case right now. However, I do have a great many thing to share and amusingly, the things I originally set out to share when I first wrote my blog, most notably about history; I haven’t really shared about it. So without further ado, I’m back! Except that maybe I won’t be able to write as frequently as before but definitely, I will be writing something from time to time.